Stitch and Sip - Fette Sau

Had a great time with great food and drank. It's always great exploring the hidden gems of Philly. Fette Sau is a place I see myself at more often!
Brought my crochet needle and yarn and an appetite and met with some cool chicas. 
The happy hour was amazing. $3 pints and $4 meals. Not pictured is their own slaw which is unlike any slaw I've ever had.  I hate cole slaw but theirs - delicious!!! 
This was a pint of Neshaminy Highwater and a "Burnt End" Sandwich. Juicy pulled pork. 

A Bacon Walnut Brownie. 

Why yes. It is every bit as good as it sounds. 

I stopped by Target for a couple of necessities. And have been missing REAL CHAI. Kuwaiti hospitality has spoiled me. But with some warm milk and sugar (don't judge me) it takes me to a place of comfort and relaxation. And pairs well with the brownie.

So now I end my night with dessert, chai and some crocheting while I catch up on Downton Abbey. 

Hope you are able to set a great tone for the week like u hope to!

Where I have been...

I'm sitting in my car at 6:43 in the morning waiting to go for a run with a group. I'm sooo sore from last this past week. Insanity on Tuesday, flu shot on Wednesday and I had a Physical Fitness test on Thursday. Today. Needless to say it was really hard to get up this morning.

I am at Fort Dix on orders with the Yellow Ribbon program and I work like an active duty soldier which feels great. Not too mention we plan and conduct events for soldiers who have returned from their deployments plus their families.

So if I may have been MIA To you that's what I have been up to. And where I live in the barracks there is no wifi. I'm lucky to have a cell signal, really.

But check this out.

It's a beautiful foggy morning. I guess I could be grateful that mother nature is gonna be generous an not kill me with a warmer morning. :)

Plus I hear that fog is great for your skin! So let's go!!! Who's running this morning?!